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We cannot be held liable for any damages to bakes once they leave our premises. We receive an email confirmation of all delivered postal bakes. Any type of damage from postage will need to be dealt with by the delivery provider. 

If you collect your bake from us, we cannot be held liable for any damages to the cake or products once they have left our premises. When you collect a bake, please ensure that your vehicle has a flat surface and is clean and tidy, and at a cool temperature for buttercream cakes and cupcakes. Our cakes can be very fragile, so we advise to drive slowly and ensure that your cake cannot move around in the vehicle.

We will always endeavour to deliver within the given time slot, however as we use a third party delivery service, delivery timings can not be guaranteed. Refunds will not be given for delayed deliveries and any delivery complaints will be forwarded to our delivery service provider.


As a company policy, we do not offer refunds for our bakes. If you are unsatisfied with your bake, please get in touch with us through within 24 hours of your collected/delivered bake with the reasons why you are unsatisfied and any photographic evidence of issues with the bake. It is then at our discretion whether you are offered a percentage off of your next order, partial money back, or store credit to be used against a future purchase with us.

Please note, as taste and texture are subjective, we would not offer credit, money back, or a percentage off for these as reasons.

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